And Yet It Moves Presskit


"And Yet It Moves contains much of what you're probably looking for in a good game: fun gameplay mechanics, great controls, and significant replay value."

KnucklesSonic8 -

"With a friendly concept, striking art, and abstract-yet-believable world, And Yet It Moves presents is a worthy addition to the WiiWare catalogue."

Shane Jury - Cubed3

"I can do nothing but recommend And Yet It Moves."

Matthew Razak - Destructoid

"It is a nausiating, fun, and rewarding experience that definitely deserves to be up there with some of the best titles on the Wiiware Service."

Matt H. -

"And Yet It Moves almost reaches the same levels of indie greatness as Braid and Limbo, and it certainly does it with its own unique brand of design."

Jonas Elfving - Gamereactor

"It's remarkable to find a game of such effortless brilliance showing up in such an unheralded fashion."

Kristan Reed - Eurogamer

"Wonderfully designed and lovingly executed, And Yet It Moves is the WiiWare game of our dreams."

Matthew Castle - Games / NGamer

"If you haven’t done so before, get it. If you have, consider double-dipping."

Jonathan Wahlgren - Nintendo Life