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Chasing Aurora is the first game in a series of 2D aerial action games about the dream of flight. Ride the wind from peak to peak. Fight for Aurora's Gem in the hostile environment of the Alps. Fly your bird to victory in this multiplayer action game.

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Chasing Aurora started out as a bird-flying racing game, prototyped in late 2010.

By spring 2011, Broken Rules managed to receive public funding from the city of Vienna for developing a series of games set in the Alps. Soon afterwards, a first multi-player prototype based on the children’s game of "tag" was implemented.

The multi-player mode was supplemented by a single player campaign, and racing made place for exploration and brawling.

We also developed the story arc at that time. The game was developed with Ginkgo, Broken Rules' in-house game engine.

In mid 2011 Broken Rules received the offer to bring the game to the recently announced, new Nintendo console as a launch title. An offer, impossible to resist. Thus we started working on a Wii U-specific multi-player-heavy game.

With a great deal of magic and dedication, we managed to release Chasing Aurora as a launch title for Nintendo Wii U.