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VITRIOL is a crossword puzzle that tells a story.

Journey through a bureaucratic nightmare. Find hidden answers within the words. Escape between the lines.
The choices you make hold up a mirror to your actions in the real world. Are you guilty of being yourself? It's up to you to find out.

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This game started when our obsession with crossword puzzles met our obsession with the horror of the mundane. VITRIOL is not a horror game but marries the haunting nature of a Ligotti or Kafka novel with an interactive experience.

Metaphorically following the seven stages of alchemy, you slowly penetrate bureaucratic labyrinths. And all the time, you stumble closer to yourself.

VITRIOL is a game by Charlene Putney and Martin Pichlmair, published by Broken Rules.

Development supported by Danish Film Institute.>IMAGES