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The following opening is currently available:

Gameplay & Tools Programmer

We are looking for a gameplay and tools programmer for our next game!

It will focus on fluid, acrobatic movement inside a two-dimensional, procedural forest. Your task will be to implement gameplay logic, input & combo systems, editor tools to build the world and other general game programming tasks. You will be our main gameplay and tools coder and we hope you can work at least 20 hours a week, starting in September.

You will work closely with the game directors and together, define what our next game will feel like.

We strive to build an inclusive team.
We encourage people of every gender, colour and cultural heritage to apply!

If you want to work with us, here are some indicators of whether we will be a good fit for each other:

You have a love for game feel and juiciness

You will be working on various and different parts of our game and, whatever your task is, it should make the game feel better in the long run. Experience with game design, and knowledge about how your code affects gameplay, is needed.

You have solid C# skills in Unity

We will be building our next game in Unity and you will need to implement it using C#. The more comfortable you are with that environment, the more you can focus on what really matters: the experience of our players.

You have a body of work to show us

Nothing shows us more about your abilities then your past work. Whether it's a game jam project, an experiment you made while studying, a pet project of your own, or a shipped game, we want to see, and if possible, play it. If you have worked in a team, please explicitly state your responsibilities.

You are comfortable working in a small team

We provide project management and a structured production, but working in a small team means you need to be self-motivated and self-organised. We want you to take ownership and responsibilities for specific parts of the project. We also need you to be flexible, as small teams require each member to have a willingness to expand their role and take on other tasks.

You are in Austria or close to our timezone

We prefer working with someone local, but if you are a great fit, then remote work is possible. We do require you to be close to our timezone, which means +/- 3 hours of CET.

Our rates are based on the Austrian IT Collective Agreement. Starting at 35.000 € gross annual salary for a full-time position. This will rise depending on your experience. Overpay and rev share deals are possible.